Professional introducers

We work in partnership with many solicitors, lawyers and accountants who regularly refer their clients to us.

We all have our specialisms. There are tasks we, as financial planners, can’t do for our clients; setting up a will for example, or completing the conveyance on a commercial property purchase.

The same is true of you.

If a client is to accomplish their financial goals a joined-up approach between all their professional advisers is needed. That same inter-professional referral takes place in all walks of life. For example, many of our clients are GPs. Where necessary they refer to a specialist for a specific issue, who will then communicate back to ensure all parties are fully informed about their mutual patient.

We work in the same way, providing specialist advice and financial planning where it is needed, and then reporting back to the solicitor, lawyer or accountant who introduced the client to us.

Your clients trust you, referring them to another professional takes a good deal of faith and trust. In many ways, it puts your relationship with that client on the line. We’ll do everything possible to deliver what your client needs while enhancing your reputation along the way.

If you would like to talk to us about how financial planning can help your clients deal with their current challenges and secure their financial future, please get in touch.